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James West

Indy Pro ’22: Rebirth of the Territories

Feel by Normundy used with permission from the band. Image Features David Ali (Left) and Alex Angel (Right)

When I decided that Indy Pro ’22 was going to be my first commercial product I was nervous. Not because I doubted my ability to create the game. I knew I could…

Database driven games

SQL Lite in the game engine

Games like Indy Pro ’22 are heavily database driven. That is why many developers of sports management simulations opt out of using game engines for their development and instead stick with windows forms applications. This allows them to package their database with the game as a separate file in things…

#indywrestlingmatters #indiegamedev

Current game logo

When I started developing the idea for Indy Pro ’22 a few months ago I did so with the intent of creating a fully fictional world. That continued to be the plan up until 10 days ago while speaking to a fried who works on the independent wrestling scene (as…

Unity Game Development

Logo Image is a work in progress (Alex Angel)

So the hardest thing about finally tackling my desires to become a indie game developer is picking which of the MANY projects I have roaming around in my head. I’m sure this is something every game developer faces and realizes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do…


//Hunting bugs and optimizing

IT’S DONE! or is it?

Over the course of a week I worked on Proxima Centauri, a 2.5D space shooter, for my GameDevHQ certification. Many hours went into the games creation during that week and my 12 year old son, Jacob and his friend playtested the hell out of the thing…

Enter the Orkin Man

We have a bug to squash

If you have gone through any online course or watched YouTube videos about how to make games in Unity you have come across the advice to use Debug.Log() or Debug.LogError() in order to troubleshoot the games you are making. Now I am not here to tell you to stop using…

Unity Game Development Tips for Beginners

Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash

We all want to make good games. For many however starting from scratch can be daunting for first time game developers. Lots of questions of did I do this correctly often invade your mind. …

Unity Game Development Optimization Tips

Photo by Tudor Baciu on Unsplash

Today I just have quick tip to share to help optimize your C# coroutines for better performance in Unity.

Lets look at a script for spawning enemies.

private IEnumerator SpawnPowerup()
yield return new WaitForSeconds(3.0f);
while (_canSpawn)

Unity Game Development

The Profiler in Timeline View

Ok, we have spent lots of time learning how to create games and applications in Unity3D. You’ve written some code, built some levels and something seems off. The game is crashing, or seems to get sluggish at certain points. This is where optimization comes in.

Fortunately for us we don’t…

Unity Application Development

Writing lots of code can be a real pain in the butt. So anytime we can use cool little tools like scriptable objects we should.

A scriptable object is a lot like a class, except in stead of defining it inside of code like a class we can build items…

James West

Turning my passion for video games and 11 years of software development experience into a focus on video game development using Unity3D.

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