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James West

Starting Game Development in Unity

//Let’s spend our hard earned loot….but first we need a shop!

Starter Game Development

//Enemies dropping some loot!

Getting us some well deserved loot

Unity Quick Tips

//Controlling script from an animation

Spider attacking

Basic Unity Game Development

//Taking damage in the combat system

Good combat goes both ways

Receive Damage

public void Damage(int damageAmount)
if (!_canBeAttacked) return;
Health -= damageAmount;
if (Health < 1)
anim.SetBool(InCombat, false);
_isFighting = false;
anim.SetBool(Death, true);
Destroy(transform.parent.gameObject, 1.5f);
_canBeAttacked = false;

Starting Unity Game Development

//Giving the enemies the power to fight back in Unity

Mr. Bones has learned how to defend himself
public abstract class Enemy : MonoBehaviour, IDamagable
[SerializeField] protected int health

Beginning Unity Game Development

//Polymorphism to the rescue

Whacking away at the skeleton


Beginner Game Development in Unity

//Cleaning up the hitbox and setting up basic attack script.

The players attack in action

Cleanup and Preparation

Beginner Game Development in Unity

Well that is useless?


Coding Quick Bite

//Creating the child classes

The three enemies that will inherit the base class


Coding quick bite

James West

Turning my passion for video games and 11 years of software development experience into a focus on video game development using Unity3D.

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