How to use a Dolly Track in Unity

James West
2 min readMay 11, 2021
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Cinemachine also allows us to use a camera dolly to create tracking shots. We can attach our virtual cameras to these dollys to force our cameras to move along predefined track.

Much like Hollywood, our cutscenes can benefit from tracked shots. To add a dolly click Cinemachine > Create Dolly Camera with Track. Once we have that we can use waypoints to control where our camera goes, then in the timeline we can animate when we want the camera to appear at that location just like we animate any other object in the timeline.

To use cinemachine in timeline we have to give the timeline a cinemachine brain. This is quite simple, we just need to drag our Main Camera to the Timeline and when prompted choose ‘Add Cinemachine Track’ now we have the controls setup in timeline for controlling a cinemachine setup.

We can now blend shots and set how long the cutscene spends on each camera. We can then setup where our other animations occur in the timeline and on what camera that appears on.

Dolly track

The dolly track uses waypoints to mark where we need the camera to be for a specific shot. The waypoints allow for the setup of more in depth tracking for complex shots.

More info is available in the Unity Docs.



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