Indy Pro ’22: Distance System

(Lat/Long) Overview

James West
4 min readMar 17, 2022


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Early in the game’s design, I spoke with Rob Brodhecker from Georgia Wrestling History (, who triggered the thought process that would become the basis for this system. As someone who frequents many of the local Georgia wrestling shows, Rob (and the rest of the GWH guys) know that the closer two shows run on the same night, the more impact it has on attendance. He brought this point up when discussing how the game would handle fan attendance. After much thought, the first part of the distance system was born. So thank you to Rob for giving birth to what may be one of the most important systems in the game.

Part 1: Location Data

PROMOTIONS: Each promotion has a home location. Therefore, the game will include the geographic latitude and longitude of each home city in the game as part of the promotion data.

VENUES: Each venue will also have a latitude and longitude stored.

TALENT: Finally, as you have probably guessed by now, each talent with have a lat and long included in the game for their location. This one is a little trickier than the other two. This geographic data is based on the billing city and state of talent. Someone who works a lot in Florida but bills from New York City will have all the impacts of traveling from New York.

Part 2: Distance System in Action

Promotions booking shows: The distance system and booking shows have several places of impact. The first is when a promotion runs in a venue outside its home city, the promotion will have higher costs for booking a venue farther away from its base of operations. Not only will building rental be a thing, but the farther they have to travel with their equipment, the more it will cost. This cost will also be impacted by the level of production you have invested in your company. For example, a small company that rents a ring might have minimal costs for a “remote” show. While a company that has its own ring, stages, sound equipment, etc., will have a much higher price because it needs to transport all of that equipment.

So why would a company ever want to run outside its home geographic location? That’s where other factors of the…



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