Indy Pro ’22: Distance System Update

A few months ago, I wrote about the distance system on Medium (

Over the past few days, I have polished that a little.

When it comes to the talent, they will have three Location identifiers:

Billed City -(this can be anything at all if they want to be from the Devil’s Swamp, more power to them) is used as flavor text in the game.

Current Lat/Long — this is the current location of a talent. It is kept behind the scenes and is used to calculate travel costs (if any).

Home Lat/Long — This is a workers home base of operations. Some talents will always be at home (think guys who only work locally); others tour and may be very far from their home base.

So why? The last two allow us to get creative with booking options. For example, say you want to book Levi Cooper out of Arizona, and your small promotion would take a big hit. If another promotion is close to you, you can also book him and not have to pay as much for travel costs.

There are still some things to work out, but that is where we are headed. We want to recreate that old feeling of guys touring the territories, and we think this will help.



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