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Indy Pro ’22 is on fire!

//New game projects can be exciting and scary

James West
3 min readSep 28, 2021

When I started developing the idea for Indy Pro ’22 a few months ago I did so with the intent of creating a fully fictional world. That continued to be the plan up until 10 days ago while speaking to a fried who works on the independent wrestling scene (as Alex Angel in Kentucky). He said real promoters and real talent would be interested in being in the game. To reach out, and reach out I did. The experience has been amazing so far. Over the last 7 days I have added over 20 talents to the games roster and 5 promotions. On top of that I have two other real world partners for other parts of the game.

Current Title Screen featuring Alex Angel

I have been blown away by the response. Also a little stunned, I wasn’t ready out of the gate. I didn’t have my tracking in place, didn’t have my ducks in a row as they say. Luckily that we pretty easy to catch up on and I now have the tools in place to really focus on the games roster building and development.

Region Selection Screen

The world of Independent wrestling is massive and reaching enough of it to make this game a success will be the hardest part. However I am currently off to a great start and truly believe that shining a light on what these individuals do every week all across this country when there might only be 200 people in attendance is a good thing. What they do matters and they have struggled through COVID-19 much harder than most. Many of them are just getting back to work and now is the time the world gets to see how awesome they really are.

Promotion selection screen (Logo is property of Southern Honor Wrestling)

Hopefully you hang with me as I build the first ever wrestling booking simulation in a modern game engine.

Early alpha screen of talent screen

The hardest part is going to be sitting through all of the videos I will need to watch to balance the game, the good thing is that is going to be the most fun part.



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