Indy Pro ’22: IWTV

Game Feature Overview

James West
4 min readFeb 2, 2022


IWTV and promotions

In Indy Pro ’22, players will be able to play as a part of the IWTV governing body or against it. At the start of the game, there will be at least 12 members of IWTV (see image above). The IWTV title will be defended on shows hosted by those promotions. But how will it all work?

IWTV will play a large part in the game. As the player you will interact with them in one of three ways:

  • As part of — playing as one of the included promotions at the start of the game.
  • Trying to get in — as a promotion not affiliated with IWTV but trying to get into the group.
  • Against — you have no interest in joining IWTV or honoring the IWTV title and you only desire to raise your promotion and title up above all others. Or, you’ve started as a member of IWTV and decided to break off on your own.

Note: The IWTV integration is an evolving feature and may change as testing commences

Playing as a member of IWTV

When you are playing a promotion who is a member of IWTV you will get a couple of bonuses:

  • reduced advertising costs
  • increased sponsorship interest
  • revenue sharing (more on finances in IP22 at a later date)
  • others we are not ready to list yet

However it also comes with a couple of things to know about being part of IWTV:

  • The IWTV title belt is a sanctioned title so you must earn the right to use it on your show and determine a new champion so you can’t take the belt and hold it in your promotion forever (more below)
  • Revenue share isn’t even split, multiple factors play into your share
  • Your production value will be more important, leading to increased costs for your promotion.
  • Your title will never be able to surpass the prestige of the IWTV title. It will only ever be able to be 1 point less. For example if the IWTV title is rated 100 then your title will only ever be able to be a 99.

Note: The financials in Indy Pro ’22 are fictional and are in no way a representation of how IWTV actually operates their business model. The



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