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Wrestling’s Territories are Back!

James West
4 min readJan 31, 2022


When work started on Indy Pro ’22: Rebirth of the Territories, there was one plaguing question. How would the territories look in 2022? Lots of conversations took place, we fired off emails, and admittedly a few thought processes went in the wrong direction. Until a few weeks ago when the correct answer hit me. But was it possible? Today I get to announce that it was! IWTV will not only be the governing territorial body of Indy Pro ’22. The IWTV world title, currently known as “Iris,” will be the game’s WORLD title!

The Logic

On October 22, 2017, IWTV set the stage to return a traveling world title to the upper echelon of world titles, independent of a single wrestling promotion. That night, Johnathan Gresham defeated Joey Lynch to be crowned the first IWTV Champion. From that day forward, a veritable who’s-who of Indy wrestlers have held the title. Just have a look at title history.

  1. Jonathan Gresham: 126 Days, 7 Defenses
  2. Tracy Williams: 309 Days, 17 Defenses
  3. Orange Cassidy: 146 Days, 16 Defenses
  4. Kris Statlander 14 Days, 1 Defense
  5. Orange Cassidy 104 Days, 6 Defenses
  6. Erick Stevens 1 Day, 2 Defenses
  7. Warhorse 532 Days, 45 Defenses
  8. Lee Moriarty 62 Days, 3 Defenses
  9. Wheeler YUTA 155 Days, 6 Defenses
  10. Alex Shelley 105 Days, 3 Defenses (Data may be inaccurate)
  11. A.C. Mack Current Champion

During the title reign of Wheeler YUTA, in August 2021, Pro Wrestling Illustrated officially recognized the IWTV title as a world championship! As of Jan 3rd, 2022 the title has been defended in 29 promotions, in 21 different states (and Canada), against dozens of different opponents.

AC Mack

How AC Mack’s win amplified IWTV as the correct choice



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